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Fayetteville Public Gardens

Two Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Department horticultural teams are responsible for designing, planting and maintaining multiple garden spaces throughout the city. Gardens include the Downtown Square and city buildings, Streetscapes and Park gardens.  Map of City Garden Locations

In all of the gardens you will find a unique variety of perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees that range from native plants to exotic tropicals. Most of the plants in the gardens are grown from seeds, plugs and cuttings at city greenhouses, which are located on Mt. Sequoyah and in Wilson Park. We strive to create unique planting combinations that are appropriate to each site and that utilize sustainable garden methods. 

In the following pages you will find plant lists, photographs of featured plants, ideas for planting your own gardens, and soon to come a few of our garden designs.  We hope this information entices you to come visit our gardens to take a closer look.