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Alternative Transportation and Trail Master Plan


Master Trails Plan Map

The Fayetteville Alternative Transportation and Trail Master Plan offers recommendations for improving community access to outdoor resources and community destinations by developing a network of off-street multi-use trails and on-street linkages. The purpose of this Master Plan is to address the needs of the citizens and visitors related to transportation, recreation and economic pursuits that can be addressed through a comprehensive alternative transportation and trail system. The Plan addresses policies, programs, and physical improvements that should be implemented to improve alternative transportation opportunities throughout the community. It was developed by The City of Fayetteville in association with the Sidewalk and Trails Committee, and citizens of Fayetteville. It responds to specific needs that were defined by citizens through a series of public workshops.

Vision: To establish alternative modes of transportation and active recreation as an integral part of daily life in the City of Fayetteville.

This Plan outlines the implementation of a 100 mile network of multi-use trails along with 144 miles of on-street linkages. The system is extensive and comprehensive, and at the same time provides a realistic program for satisfying the needs of citizens regarding access to outdoor resources and linkages to popular destinations. Building the system will take many years.

The City of Fayetteville encourages private businesses and citizens to become partners in the development of the Alternative Transportation and Trail System. You can show your support for this Plan by encouraging the timely implementation of specific trail or "linkage" segments.

In September of 2009, the Fayetteville Alternative Transportation and Trails Master Plan map was updated to include the newly constructed trails and to improve the connectivity of proposed trails.  The Master Trails Plan update was unanimously approved by The Sidewalks and Trails Task Force, The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, The Planning Commission, and The City Council.

Fayetteville Alternative Transportation and Trail Master Plan Document

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Vision, Goals and Objectives

Chapter 2 - The Benefits of Alternative Transportation

Chapter 3 - Evaluation of Existing Conditions

Chapter 4 - Design Guidelines

Chapter 5 - Description of Proposed Alternative Transportation System (Trails and Greenways)

Chapter 6 - Description of Proposed Alternative Transportation System (On-Street Linkages)

Chapter 7 - Funding Sources

Chapter 8 - Implementation and Education

Chapter 9 - Operations and Management