Gulley Park Summer Concert Series

Fayetteville Parks and Recreation brings to you the 18th summer of concerts at Gulley Park. Last summer was one of our best yet, with six shows featuring some of the best music the region has to offer. Best of all, they're FREE! The Gulley Park Summer Concert Series includes six concerts in all. Concerts are on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm. Thanks to the bands, sponsors, and fans who make the Gulley Park Summer Concert Series what it is. See you at the shows!   

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National Park Radio – May 29

National Park Radio is a new modern folk band born and based in the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. An all-acoustic band featuring well-written original songs and beautiful vocals, NPR has a unique sound that is easy to love.

The self-titled EP debut contains five songs inspired by the beauty of their native landscape as well as the joys and trials of life and love. The lyrical poetry of lead singer and songwriter Stefan Szabo is a treasure not to be missed. Continuing to work on new music, NPR has evolved to include the talents of Jamie Stevens (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Heath Shatswell (banjo, vocals), and Geof Roch (percussion, vocals), creating amazing new melodies and vocal harmonies to complete a well-rounded sound. National Park Radio is a band on the rise, and they're currently at work recording their debut full-length release, which is due summer 2014.


Waylon Pierce - June 12 

Waylon’s style of music comes from his true Texas outlaw country music heart. His deep rich voice hits tones that set him apart from the pack, while his acoustic guitar sings warm rich tones of it’s own. He has many original songs that are sure to find a way into your ipod such as; 911, Texas To A “T”, Right Outside Beaumont, Hands of Time, and many more. Waylon Pierce has toured the country playing honky tonks and large venues promoting his brand of Texas country music. He has blended a handful of the finest professional musicians in Texas together to create a sound of true country mixed with the outlaw/texas country music sound.


GUTA – June 26

Selected by Billboard Magazine as one of the best bands in the southeast. Finalist in Dismakers IMWS '04. Best Album, Best Rock Song, Best Reggae song nominations from JPfolks out of 10,000 submissions formed in 1998....GUTA

Teddy Sablon, a true prodigy, has been singing and playing guitar like a mad man in his band GUTA for 15 years and is still at it. The other side of Sablon we have been seeing more of lately is an acoustic guitar player that's kind, glowing soul with deep roots and strong thoughtful lyrics and a mysterious voice with a vast range that reflects his life and how much he has been through.

Dave Geusauldo is the most powerful force in the band at times, with his aggressive staccato solos and solid six string bass bombs to raise the dirt off the floor; he brings the punch to the party.

Christian "Swine" Mara with his hard rock roots can drive the rock, punch the funk or simply add the tasty fills with and an ever present steady meter. A total pig for rock and roll!

The musicianship of this trio is only exceeded by Sablon's prolific songwriting.

A breath of fresh air in a cookie cutter musical age!


Boom Kinetic– July 10

Formed around 2006, the band, then called Molten Lava, started as an outlet for members of several established local bands to showcase the prowess as performers and their skill as musicians.

The reception in their joint hometowns of Fayetteville and Little Rock Arkansas was warm as fans of their former bands flocked to see the brand new conglomerate cover new wave 80's hits with stage rattlin energy.

It wasn't long that the members' backgrounds in songwriting and recording would come calling, begging for an outlet in the band's ever growing fan base and, soon, the band would emerge again, reinvented and renamed Boom Kinetic to release their first EP featuring all original music taking the stage with white-suited front men sporting sunglasses and working the crowds into a frenzy.



Sarah & The Meanies - July 24

A melting pot of soul / pop / rock, Sarah & The Meanies have emerged from the Denver music scene in 2013. Fronted by Portland-transplant, Sarah Angela, who has a voice to be reckoned with and an arsenal of powerful songwriting to back it up. *The Meanies *headlined *Red Rocks Amphitheatre* in 2013, were featured artists at Austin's *South by Southwest* , and just wrapped recording at* The Blasting Room* with Bill Stevenson / Jason Livermore (*Rise Against, Gaslight Anthem, Flobots, Train)*

Hands off the ground and buried in a lifetime of musical obsession, Meanies front-woman, Sarah Angela, has roots that run wide. You might reference the styles of Lorde, Otis Redding, Grace Potter, or Sia; but despite some of her influences, she's got her own unique sound. One thing's for sure, she sings bigger and louder than her five foot frame would have you assume.


Ben Miller Band- August 7

Ben Miller Band is a one-of-a kind trio that combines the frenetic energy of bluegrass, the soul of the delta blues and the haunted spirit of Appalachian mountain music into a unique stew they dub "Ozark Stomp." The threesome, hailing from Joplin, Missouri, caught the attention of the label with their rowdy and ragged live show which sees the band armed with their arsenal of lo- tech, largely self-built instruments: singer-songwriter Ben Miller's thrift-shop guitars and banjos, bassist Scott Leeper's one-string washtub bass, and multi-instrumentalist/ drummer Doug Dicharry's various musical ammo, which includes trombone, trumpet, mandolin, electric washboard and electric spoons.

Despite the eccentric and out-of-the-box appearance of The Ben Miller Band, "we're not some kind of gimmick band," says Ben Miller. "Just because we use junk to make music doesn't mean we aren't serious about it. We are legitimately making real music, and when you hear us play I think you get that."


                                                                            See you at the Park!





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