Gulley Park Summer Concert Series

Fayetteville Parks and Recreation brings to you the 17th summer of concerts at Gulley Park. Last summer was one of our best yet, with six shows featuring some of the best music the region has to offer. Best of all, they're FREE! The Gulley Park Summer Concert Series includes six concerts in all. Concerts are on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm. Thanks to the bands, sponsors, and fans who make the Gulley Park Summer Concert Series what it is. See you at the shows!   
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 Sarah Hughes Band – June 13

Singer/Songwriter Sarah Hughes is a local favorite, playing the bars and venues in the college town of Fayetteville, Arkansas. The powerful Southern voice anchoring her folk-rock style has drawn comparisons to Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, & Lucinda Wiliams. She draws from such diverse influences as Gillian Welch, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, & Widespread Panic, resulting in a sound that houses traditional country storytelling in steady rhythms & strumming with some southern jam-rock on the side.


Rosco Bandana – June 27

The Mississippi septet Rosco Bandana are the product of teenage rebellion and its consequences; of lost love, false starts and, above all, lasting friendship. They're what happens when a group of kids take a chance on a long shot and – against all odds – it pays off.

Though it began as an attempt to channel the loose rootsiness of Old Crow Medicine Show, the result is a barnburner – a big, raucous number with a booming backbeat and deep-fried electric guitar. Whether loud and rowdy or quiet and contemplative, Rosco Bandana balance both extremes perfectly. "It might sound cliché," Pribyl says, "but we're just these humble, good ol', down-to-earth Mississippi people. And when we play live, you can just see in our faces the joy of music."


Got It Covered – July 11

Covering funky and fun hits from the 60’s to today that are guaranteed to get you grooving and leave you wanting more.  Got It Covered is an 8 piece collaboration that includes some of Northwest Arkansas' Best Musical Talents.



Wheeler Brothers – July 18

Making music continues to be a family affair for Wheeler Brothers. The Austin, TX quintet traces a personal lineage of rock, folk, roots, Americana, and blues on its second full-length album, Gold Boots Glitter, cooking up an irresistible and inimitable gumbo of styles in the process. Marching forward from 2011′s critically acclaimed Portraits, the group—Nolan, Patrick, Tyler, A.J., and Nathan—opens the door even wider for everyone to join the family.

 Jason D. Williams - July 25

After seeing a live show there will be no doubt why fans and critics alike agree with that summation of the dynamic piano player from Memphis.  Jason D. has the same musical innovation and on the edge attitude as Jerry Lee and Elvis.

Jason's' style is difficult to describe.  From Classical to Rockabilly to County to Jazz and on to Rock & Roll, Jason D. adapts to each different concert setting he performs.

Jason D. Williams has spent a lifetime behind the piano connecting with country and rock 'n' roll greats while creating a persona that's 100 percent original. After decades of being celebrated for his take-no-prisoners approach to performing country and rock 'n' roll penned by others, Williams has added a new element to his artistry, songwriting.


 Uncrowned Kings- August 8




                                                            See you at the Park!





Booking Information

Bands and musicians, if you are wanting to be a part of the Gulley Park Summer Concert Series, please send a promotional materials and a demo CD to Fayetteville Parks and Recreation at:

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