Adult Co-Ed Kickball

                                     It’s never too late to relive your playground glory days!

Fayetteville Parks and Recreation offers summer and fall leagues of recreational (Chill Out) and competitive (Game On) adult co-ed kickball.  Sign your team up for the fun and games this year!  Teams play at least 10 games throughout the regular season.  Each season concludes with the KCS (Kickball Championship Series) Tournament and post-season celebration.  All games are played on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings on the baseball fields at Walker Park.  League fees are $250 per team which includes cost for one official per game and trophies (usually t-shirts or pint glasses) for city champions.  If you are interested in a recreational or competitive kickball league or have general questions about the program, please contact Joe Kieklak at or (479) 444-3471.



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                          Parks and Recreation Summer 2015 Kickball Dates Will Be Announced Soon!


                                                           Fall 2014 Adult Kickball Schedules

                                                      Monday - Early Schedule (Chill Out)
                                                      Monday - Late Schedule (Game On)
                                                      Tuesday - Early Schedule (Chill Out)
                                                      Tuesday - Late Schedule (Chill Out)
                                                      Thursday - Early Schedule (Chill Out)

                                              How do YOU stand? Check the weekly standings!

                                              Fall 2014 Adult Kickball Results Packet

The Fall 2014 League was one of our most fun yet! While all our teams are champions in some respect, only two teams (one Chill Out Champion and one Game On Champion) earned the right to call themselves the City of Fayetteville Kickball League Champions! In addition to our champions, the KCS (Kickball Championship Series) also features a Toilet Bowl Champion (the winner of a game featuring the two teams with the worst records) and a Pageantry Bowl Champion (the winner of a game featuring the two teams that are considered best dressed throughout the season). Check out pictures below featuring some of the team!

                                          Fall 2014 KCS Game On Champions - Pitches Be Crazy!   

                                         Fall 2014 KCS Chill Out Champions - Aces and Amazons!

                                         Fall 2014 KCS Pageantry Bowl Champions - Raging Unicorns!

Raging Unicorns beat 99 Problems But a Pitch Ain't One to earn the Pageantry Bowl title, here is a picture of both teams!

                                    Summer 2014 KCS Chill Out Champions - Where Da Gold At?


                                     Summer 2014 KCS Toilet Bowl Champions - Collier Drug Runners