Adult Softball

Fayetteville Parks and Recreation offers Adult Slow Pitch Softball for three seasons consisting of Spring, Summer and Fall.  There are over 2,600 participants in softball. During each of these seasons, leagues are available for Men, Women, Coed, Church, and Corporate Teams. NEW IN 2013: Fayetteville Parks and Recreation will be offering online signup for our adult softball leagues at .

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Teams play a double header on the same night each week. Games are played at Gary Hampton and Lake Fayetteville. Teams must provide their own softballs. All men's teams must hit a Worth Extreme softball and women must hit a Worth Classic W Softball.

There are four competitive levels:
North (Most Competitive)
West & Incrediball West
(Most Recreational)

Registration Dates: Spring (Feb. 10 - March 15) - Summer (Apr. 21 - June 15) - Fall (July 1 - Aug. 10)
League Play: Spring (March 31 - May 29) - Summer (June 23 - July 31) - Fall (Aug 18th - Oct. 9)

How to Register:
Download, fill out, and return this form or enter online at
-Mail in: Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Softball, 113 W Mountain, Fayetteville, AR 72701
-Drop Off: Parks and Recreation Office, 1455 Happy Hallow Road, Fayetteville, AR 72701

League Information:
Dates~ March 31 - May 29                 League Entry Fee~ $450           Schedules Available~ Online March 26
Monday Spring Leagues (Lake Only)  COED North, COED West   
Tuesday Spring Leagues (Lake Only)  
Men's North/South, Men's East
Wednesday Spring Leagues  Men's East, COED East/South, Men's South, Men's West
Thursday Spring Leagues (Lake Only) COED West. Men's North/South   
*Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday nights at Gary hampton will be reserved for youth fast pitch softball 2014 Spring Season.

Dates~ June 23 - July 31                 League Entry Fee~ $350              Schedules Available~ Online June 18
Monday Summer Leagues Mens East, COED South, COED North, Men's West
Tuesday Summer Leagues COED West, Men's North, Men's East, COED West
Wednesday Summer Leagues  COED East, Men's East, Men's West, Men's South
Thursday Summer Leagues Women's, Men's South, COED Incrediball West, Men's North

Dates~ August 18- October 9           League Entry Fee~ $450             Schedules Available~ Online August 13
Monday Spring Leagues (Hampton Only)  COED East/West, COED North/South  
Tuesday Spring Leagues (Hampton Only)  
Men's North/South, Men's East/West 
Wednesday Spring Leagues (Hampton Only) Men's East/West, COED North/South
Thursday Spring Leagues (Hampton Only) COED East/West. Men's North/South   

*All nights at Lake Fayetteville will be unavailable for the 2014 Fall season due to facility/field renovation.
*All nights, times, and leagues are subject to change due to participation numbers.
*To reserve to fields for league team practice contact league director. (718-7600 ext. 1788)    

To reserve fields for league practices, click here.            

2014 Fall Schedule

Monday Coed South/East League GH (Standings)
Monday Mens South/East GH (Standings)
Tuesday Coed South/East GH (Standings)
Tuesday Mens South/East GH (Standings)
Wednesday Mens South/East GH (Standings)
Wednesday Coed South/East GH (Standings)
Thursday Coed East/West GH (Standings)
Thursday Mens North/South GH (Standings)
Thursday Mens South/East LF (Standings)
Thursday Mens East/West LF (Standings)

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2014 Bat Standards/USSSA Stamps: Click Here
2014 League Rules will be given to team captains. 


Sanctioned USSSA League, USSSA App is available to download for Apple/Android Devices.

After receiving a large increase in complaints about participants playing on multiple teams, there will be a strict enforcement of eligibility rules this season.

For more information, please call 444-3471 x 681, or email us.

WEATHER/RAINOUT updates: Call 443-PARK or 718-7600 ext. 1788 after 3:00pm Monday thru Friday and after 8:00am Saturdayand Sunday. 
You can also follow us on twitter at or friend us on facebook at for updates.