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Trails & Greenways

                             Parks & Trails Maps

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        Current Trail Planning and Construction Project




         Fayetteville named Bicycle Friendly Community


Fayetteville was awarded a bronze Bicycle Friendly Community Award by the League of American Bicyclists in October 2010.  The award is based on the five E's of a bicycle friendly community including bicycle education, encouragement, evaluation & planning, engineering, and enforcement.  The League of American Bicyclists has also provided detailed feedback of ways Fayetteville can continue to become more Bicycle Friendly and ready silver, gold and even platinum status in the future.   The sign below is installed at major highway entrances to the City.


How It All Started

In 2002, during the Parks and Recreation master planning process, Fayetteville citizens expressed their wishes for the department to establish a citywide trails and greenway network. The City of Fayetteville immediately hired a coordinator to identify and administer current and future trail projects. Taking requests from the citizens, Fayetteville now offers over 25 miles of paved, shared use trails and the Fayetteville Alternative Transportation and Trails Master Plan identifies 100 miles of future trails that will connect parks, neighborhoods and citizens for years to come.

In 2005, the City of Fayetteville reviewed the trails program and decided it was more efficient and quicker to build the trails system in house. Now with a collaborative effort between the Parks and Recreation Department and the Transportation and the Engineering Divisions, approximately 2-3 miles of trails are constructed annually. These trails provide safe and accessible recreation for citizens while providing alternative transportation opportunities for citizens and visitors. 

For further information on how you can become involved, contact the Parks and Recreation Department, (479-444-3471), the City of Fayetteville, your local elected officials or local cycling, running or walking clubs.  To find out how you can help keep Fayetteville trails clean, see the Adopt-A-Trail program below.

Trail Trekkers

Promote and help others enjoy the City of Fayetteville trails by becoming a Trail Trekker! Click Here for More Information

Adopt-A-Park / Adopt-A-Trail

The Adopt-A-Park and Adopt-A-Trail programs are an essential part of the Fayetteville Parks and Recreation volunteer program. Every organization that chooses to adopt a park or a trail will have their name installed at the adopted facility. For more information regarding this program, please download the Volunteer Handbook below.

Adopt-A-Park / Adopt-A-Trail Volunteer Handbook