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Mt. Sequoyah Woods Trail

Where is this Trail?

The address for the trail is 5 N. Happy Hollow Road. Trail heads are accessible from Williams Drive at the northwest corner of the property and from Paddock Road and Happy Hollow Road at the southeast corner of the property.

Mt. Sequoyah Woods Trail Map from Williams Drive

Mt. Sequoyah Woods Trail Map from Happy Hollow Road

Length of Trail

The outer loop of the trail has a length of approximately 1.25 miles.

Trail Description

Mt. Sequoyah Trail is a natural trail which meanders through heavily wooded and occasionally rugged, undisturbed forest on the east side of Mt. Sequoyah.  Information kiosks are available near the trail heads along Williams Drive and Happy Hollow Road. A picnic area is also available a short distance from the trail head along Happy Hollow Road. Parking is available along Paddock Road.