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Celebration of Trees Event

On Saturday October 9, 2010 the Tree and Landscape Advisory Committee, in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Department and the Mayor's Office sponsored the 12th annual Tree Give Away. This year 1,150 one gallon trees and 200 three gallon shrubs were given away.

Tree species included Eastern Redbud, White-flowering Dogwood, Blackgum, White Oak and October Glory Red Maple.

Shrub species included Oakleaf Hydrangea and Arrowroot Viburnum.

This event continued an eleven year tradition of providing citizens with plants that beautify the landscape and provide community benefits such as air pollution reduction, stormwater peak flow reductions, reduced soil erosion, oxygen production, increased property values as well as psychological benefits such as reducing crime, aiding hospital patients with quicker recovery rates and increasing children’s attention spans.

Celebrationof Trees 1

 A young tree hugger picks her tree

Celebrationof Trees 2







                                                                                                       Mayor Jordan, Tree and Landscape Advisory
                                                                                                       Committee   Staff and Volunteers helped give
                                                                                                       away trees


The 13th Annual event will be in October 2011.

2009 Celebration of Trees

In 2009, due to the ice storm damage to the community trees, two tree give-a-ways were conducted. Approximately 2,200 1-gallon trees were given away. In April, 900 potted trees and 405 bare root seedlings were picked up by citizens to plant in their yards. In October, 896 trees were given to citizens.

Species from the 2009 events included Red Maple ‘October Glory’, Shumard Oak, Northern Red Oak, Cherrybark Oak, Sawtooth Oak, Loblolly Pine, White Oak, Pin Oak, Northern Red Oak, Eastern Redbud and Red Maple.