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City Plan 2025

City Plan 2025 was adopted unanimously by the Fayetteville City Council in July 2006 and serves as Fayetteville's comprehensive land use plan.  The plan promotes traditional town form and infill, and discourages sprawl.  It also calls for the creation of a livable community through an enduring green network of greenways and trails, and a strengthened transportation network.

The City Council directed staff to conduct complete neighborhood plans throughout the city utilizing the charrette process to encourage public participation in the creation of these plans.  Two of these plans have been completed and can be viewed through the following links:

Walker Park Neighborhood Master Plan

Fayette Junction Master Plan

City Plan 2025 Comprehensive Plan

Cover Pages
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Community Context
Chapter 3 - Demographics
Chapter 4 - Housing
Chapter 5 - Employment & Income
Chapter 6 - Land Use
Chapter 7 - Transportation
Chapter 8 - Historic & Cultural Resources
Chapter 9 - The Planning Process
Chapter 10 - Framework
Chapter 11 - Economic Analysis
Chapter 12 - Guiding Policies

Appendix A - Soil Classification
Appendix B - Historic Structures
Appendix C - City Services & Resources
Appendix D - Vision Statement
Appendix E - Resources
Appendix F - Glossary

Reference Map - School District Map
Reference Map - Trails Network Map
Growth Sector Map

Master Street Plan Map
Future Land Use Map

Awards Received:

The award-winning plan was created over several months through a public process of input and collaboration with consultants Dover, Kohl and Partners. City Plan 2025 won an American Planning Association state level award in 2006 and the Congress for the New Urbanism Charter Award for a Region and Metropolis Plan in 2007.  It was also noted on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Best Practices list and cited by the Natural Resources Defense Council as one of the factors in ranking Fayetteville #6 in the smaller cities category as part of their Smarter Cities campaign.