Staying Informed

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Meeting Schedules and Submittal Guidelines

Planning Commission Calendar

The Planning Commission Calendar includes the scheduled meeting dates for the Technical Plat Review Committee, the Subdivision Committee, and the Planning Commission, including deadlines for revisions submittals for each meeting.

2012 Planning Commission Calendar available soon!

Board of Adjustment Calendar

The Board of Adjustment meets only once a month. This calendar does not include a schedule of revisions submittals, as staff utilizes the time between the application date and the meeting date to fine tune the application so that it is ready to be reviewed by the Board.

2012 Board of Adjustment Calendar available soon!

Application Requirements

All applications must be substantially complete before they can be accepted by the Planning Division for review. A substantially complete application includes all necessary materials required to review the application for compliance with the Unified Development Code. A checklist is included in all applications to assist developers and citizens. Please contact the Planning Division if you need additional assistance.

Materials submittal requirements  

Development Services is made up of several City Divisions that help developers and citizens obtain the services they need in one location.

Engineering protects the City's floodplains, facilitates the installation of the City's infrastructure, and manages the transportation bond & capital improvements programs.

Community Services coordinates the community development and code compliance programs and administers CDBG funds in Fayetteville.

Building Safety administers building regulations that protect the health, safety, and welfare of Fayetteville's citizens in the built environment.

Animal Services operates the Fayetteville Animal Shelter and provides public education, adoption, 24-hour rescue, and emergency service for animals in the City.