Staying Informed

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the City of Fayetteville have a business license?

    Yes, The City of Fayetteville has a business license. Click here for more information.

  2. What is my property zoned?

    The City's zoning map shows the zoning of each property inside the city limits; however, this zoning map may not be updated as frequently as the maps located in the Planning Division. Please visit the Planning Division to view the City's official zoning map.

  3. What does the zoning of my property allow?

    The zoning of a property indicates the uses permitted on your property, where buildings and other structures may be located, how large a building can be, and other pertinent land use regulations adopted by the City. The zoning restrictions can be found in the City’s Zoning Regulations. Please visit the Planning Division for more information.

  4. Why is there a red public notice sign in my neighborhood?

    The City of Fayetteville requires a red public notice sign to be posted on a property for which an issue is being considered by the Planning Commission or the Board of Adjustment. The public notice sign displays the project number, a brief description of the request, the assigned planner, and the time and date of the public hearing. Specific information about these planning and development issues is available in the Planning office. Citizens are encouraged to participate at public hearings and to contact the Planning Division with any questions related to planning and development issues.

  5. Where can I find a meeting agenda?

    The City posts agendas and videos most City meetings, including the Planning Commission and the City Council, on the website. If you cannot find a specific meeting, please contact the Planning Division for assistance.

  6. Do I need a sign permit?

    Not all signs in Fayetteville require a sign permit, such as building construction signs, real estate signs, home occupation signs, memorial signs, subdivision signs, and public or special event signs; however, your sign may still need to be reviewed to ensure it is the correct size and located properly. Please read the City’s Sign Ordinance under exemptions to determine if your sign needs a permit. If you need further assistance, please contact the Planning Division.

  7. Do I need a building permit for a fence?

    A fence that is 6 feet tall or less does not require a building permit. Fences cannot impede vision between vehicular or pedestrian traffic, which is determined by the Planning Division. Additional restrictions for fences may apply if a property is located within the Downtown Design Overlay District  and the I-540 Overlay District. Any fence taller than 6 feet does require a building permit application to be submitted to the Building Safety Division.

  8. Do I need a permit for a garage sale?

    No, you do not need a permit for a garage sale. However, garage sales cannot be located in one (1) location more than four (4) times in a year and cannot exceed three (3) consecutive days. Please review the regulations for more information about garage sale signs.

  9. Can I put a shed in my backyard?

    Sheds and other accessory structures (garages, carports, pool house, etc.) less than 50% of the size of the principal structure may be permitted in the backyard, but there are regulations and setbacks that must be met. An accessory structure ten (10) feet or less in height must be three (3) feet or more from a side property line and five (5) feet from the rear property line. If the accessory structure is taller than ten (10) feet, the setback requirements of the zoning district must be met. Please contact the Planning Division  to confirm that your structure will meet the required building setbacks. The Building Safety Division can determine if a building permit is necessary.

  10. Can I operate a business from my house?

    Yes, The City of Fayetteville allows you to operate a business from your home. Please click here for more information.