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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who needs an alarm permit?

    Anyone possessing an alarm system, device, or assembly of equipment designed to signal the occurrence of an illegal or unauthorized entry or other activity requiring immediate attention and to which the Fayetteville Police Department is expected to respond. This does not include alarms installed in motor vehicles, fire alarms, or alarms designed to elicit a medical response.

  2. How much does a permit cost?

    Nothing.  There is no charge for the permit. 

  3. How do I obtain a permit?

    You may have been given an application by your alarm company, but you may also download a copy here. Applications may also be picked up from the Fayetteville Police Department at 100 West Rock Street. You can also register online at the following website or by calling (877) 575-0933.

  4. What do I do with the permit once I receive one?

    You will not receive an actual physical permit. You will receive a letter notifying you of your permit number. The alarm permit number is specific to you at that address.

  5. Can I appeal a false alarm?

    You may appeal any false alarm notification you receive. Alarm users should use the appeal guidelines as a reference to determine what is considered a false alarm. A good rule of thumb is to determine if criminal activity has occurred and not whose fault it might have been.

  6. Where does the money go that is collected from false alarm fees?

    The money collected from false alarm fees goes to the City of Fayetteville and pays for the cost of the program.

  7. I have moved out of the city/county/state, how can I close my account?

    If you no longer own, rent, or are held responsible for the address for which you had a permit, we encourage you to notify us in writing that you wish to close the permit account. The written letter can be mailed to:

    Fayetteville False Alarm Reduction Unit
    PO Box 1568
    Lowell, AR 72745-1568

  8. I have moved from one local address to another, can I still use the same permit number?

    No. Each permit is site and owner specific. If you move, you need a new permit. Keep in mind that all old permits need to be closed. If you happen to sell an address (business or house) with an installed alarm system, you cannot transfer the permit number to the new owner (even if they are going to use the same alarm company).

  9. Where can I get a copy of the Alarm Ordinance?

    You can obtain a printed copy by selecting the following link:  Fayetteville Alarm Ordinance

  10. Why does the Fayetteville False Alarm Reduction Unit have a PO Box in Lowell Arkansas?

    The City of Fayetteville has contracted the management of the false alarm program to the AOT Public Safety Corporation.  They handle the permitting, invoicing, billing, and maintenance of data.  They have set up a lock box with Arvest Bank and the Lowell address was the closest lock box facility to Fayetteville.