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Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Fayetteville Police Department recently started its Crime Free Multi Housing Program. This is a cooperative program where the Police Department works closely with the owner’s/managers of several apartment complexes.

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program takes a multi-faceted approach to crime prevention. Because there are three elements necessary for a crime to be committed, we want to address all three. They are: Target, Desire, and Opportunity. If we can eliminate just one of those elements, we can reduce the likelihood of crime. By addressing all three, the impact will be more profound.

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program Coordinator addresses the TARGET aspect of crime by teaching "target hardening." The Police Department conducts seminars for property managers/owners to show numerous ways to make their rental property a harder target for crime. This involves simple things like proper lighting, landscape, and locks. It also teaches the principle of careful applicant/tenant screening.

The property managers address the DESIRE aspect of crime by not renting to people who have a desire to commit crimes. The best way to predict somebody's future desire to commit crime is to look at their past. Also managers can reduce a resident's desire to commit a crime by increasing the penalties to the tenant. The Crime Free Multi-Housing Project implemented a Crime Free Lease Addendum that prescribes immediate eviction of a resident for certain crimes.

If your interested in learning more information about the Fayetteville Police Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, please call: 479-587-3555.

Below is a list of certified properties:

Pierce Properties:

Eco Modern Flats:

Club at the Creek:

Trinity Multi-Family Properties:

Sweetser Properties:

Washington Plaza Apartments:

Sugar Tree Apartments:

Birch Ave Apartments: email

Southmont Apartments: 479-521-3072 or

North Creekside Apartments:

The Vineyards on Garland Ave:

Below is a list of properties that are currently going through the certification process: 

Allred Properties:

Myers Family Properties: 479-973-4666 or

Grandview Apartments:

Jordan Rental Properties:

Mad Sky Rentals:

CTC Ventures:

Garden Park Apartments:

Platinum Properties of NWA:

Willow Park Apartments:

 Hill Place Apartments:

University House: