The City of Fayetteville announced today that it has formally accepted its three site, nine channel, 800 MHz, Astro 25 IP simulcast radio system from Motorola Solutions.  This was a two-phase project that cost the city $6.7 million dollars, of which $1.7 million was covered by federal technology grants.  This project was completed on schedule and budget.  The system, which was installed by Motorola, was operational in less than twelve months from contract signing. 

The upgraded system provides interoperable digital communications to the City of Fayetteville by connecting to the Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN).  AWIN currently consists of 78 sites across the state.   The City of Fayetteville became a full time AWIN member with over 630 users representing police, fire and other city divisions.  The city could have remained on a stand-alone system; however, the interoperable capacity of AWIN was the primary tipping point for the city in making the decision to become a full-time user of AWIN.   Fayetteville finalized integration by completing cutover to AWIN in December.   There was a tremendous amount of teamwork and cooperation between City of Fayetteville Staff, AWIN, Buford Goff and Associates, Motorola, and Smith Two Way to meet the challenges of the project. 

The City achieved two main goals for the project.  First, we improved interoperability, which was accomplished by joining AWIN; and second, we improved coverage for the city’s radio users.   Poor coverage had plagued radio users for years due to the terrain in the Fayetteville area.  The coverage of our new radio system enhances the safety of our community, city employees, and enables the City of Fayetteville to provide better customer service to our citizens.