Holiday Safety Tips


The Fayetteville Police Department urges everyone to take safety precautions this holiday season.  With people traveling out of town for the holidays, the potential for burglaries and thefts will increase.

            Chief of Police Greg Tabor offers the following suggestions to help reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime:

*    Lock all windows and doors.

*    Close blinds or drapes to prevent someone from looking inside your house.  Do not display presents in windows.    

*    Use electric timers on lamps and radios to give the appearance that someone is home.

*    Make sure that recorded messages on telephone answering machines don't specify you are not home.

*    If going out of town, stop newspaper deliveries and have a friend pick up your mail.  Call 587-3555 and request your home be placed on the EXTRA PATROL - VACATION HOME list.

*    While shopping, do not leave packages or valuable articles in the interior of your car; lock them in the trunk.

*    Park in well lighted areas.

*    Remove keys from ignition roll windows up and lock doors.        


            We are encouraging everyone to be prepared for the increased traffic in our city.  Fayetteville is a major shopping hub for our area of the state and we anticipate heavy traffic flow over the next few weeks.  We ask that you please think ahead when planning a trip to Fayetteville.  Remember to remain calm and be prepared for longer than usual waits at intersections especially those intersections closest to shopping.  We have a Police Substation located at the Northwest Arkansas Mall at 4201 N. Shiloh Drive.  The substation is staffed with uniformed bicycle patrol officers and motorcycle officers that service the northern section of Fayetteville, especially the shopping district surrounding the mall.  If you are in need of assistance while shopping in North Fayetteville, you can find the substation in the Sears wing of the mall or you may call 479-587-3555 for police assistance.


             We wish you a safe and happy holiday season.