Fayetteville Police Chief Greg Tabor announced today the arrest of a man in connection with the 2006 murder of Nina Ingram. 

On April 22, 2006, Fayetteville Police responded to 701 W. Sycamore where Nina Ingram was found murdered inside of her apartment.   Fayetteville Police Detectives investigated the crime by collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and family members and following up on every possible lead. After years of investigation, the perpetrator was never identified and the case remained open. 

In April 2012, a Fayetteville Police Detective was once again specifically assigned to conduct a full case review in an attempt to gather new information and possible leads.  This detective’s sole responsibility was to re-examine the facts of the case, re-interview witnesses, and search for anything that might bring new information to light.   During this time, local media aired stories about the case in an effort to draw attention to the case.  As a result, the Fayetteville Police Department received information that led to the development of a suspect.

On June 5, 2012, police obtained a Capital Murder warrant Rico Tavarous COHN, age 26 of Springdale.  Shortly thereafter he was arrested by Fayetteville Police Detectives at residence in Fayetteville.  

This investigation continues and we encourage individuals who have information relating to this crime to contact this police department at 479-587-3555.