reducing vehicle break-ins and residential burglaries


     Fayetteville experiences a large number of vehicle break-ins and residential burglaries, many of which may be preventable.  In the United States there are almost 1.4 million residential burglaries every year and there are 300 vehicle break-ins every hour.  Between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010 there were 339 reported residential burglaries and 560 reported vehicle break-ins in Fayetteville.  A significant number of the burglaries in Fayetteville involved no forced entry and it is believed that a higher percentage of vehicle break-ins involved no forced entry.  No forced entry usually means that doors to vehicles and homes are being left unlocked or garage doors are being left open.  These crimes are largely crimes of opportunity and could be drastically reduced by simply locking our doors. 

  Vehicle break-ins and residential burglaries result in the loss of personal property and leave the victim feeling violated.  The average dollar loss from burglaries is $1700 per incident and most property is never recovered.  In 2005, 10% of homeowners and 14% of renters were victims of household theft not involving forced entry in the U.S.  Vehicle break-ins occur in all areas including residential neighborhoods, commercial parking lots and apartment complexes.  Some of the criminals who commit these crimes are determined and will gain entry by any means but most are amateurs and are simply opportunistic.  To help avoid being a victim, losing your possessions, paying-out an insurance deductible and increased insurance rates for everyone follow these tips:

 -          Lock all doors and windows on your home

-          Keep garage door closed

-          Let neighbors or neighborhood watch know that you’re out of town

-          If out of town, either stop mail/newspaper or have neighbor pick-up

-          Request extra-patrol from your local police department

-          If possible, have lights on timers when away



-          Lock all doors on your vehicle and roll-up windows

-          Do not leave valuables in vehicle or visible from outside

-          Do not leave garage door opener in unlocked vehicle

-          Park in well-lit areas

-          If possible, avoid parking near roadways