Fayetteville Police Chief Greg Tabor announced today the arrest of four people involved in the shooting incident last week on Boxley Avenue. 

            On June 14, 2012, Fayetteville Police responded to 1233 Boxley for a report of a shooting.   Fayetteville Police arrested four people directly involved in that shooting and one for hindering apprehension.   During the incident, Crus CONLEY was shot in the arm and in the torso and was transported to Washington Regional Medical Center.

            Today, Fayetteville Police arrested Crus CONLEY, black-male, age 23 of Fayetteville for Terroristic Act and Engaging in Violent Criminal Group Activity.  Bethany GREEN, white-female, age 26 of Fayetteville, Kenyatta PERKINS, black-female, age 33 of Fayetteville and   Travis COLEMAN, black-male, age 41 of Fayetteville were arrested for Hindering Apprehension.

            Over the past few weeks, there have been four separate shooting incidents in Fayetteville.  In every instance, the victims were known to the suspects and specifically targeted and the acts of violence were not random in nature.  Fayetteville Police have been heavily extra patrolling the areas in which these violent acts occurred and will continue to do so to ensure the safety of the residents who live in these neighborhoods.  Fayetteville Police have made arrests immediately or within days of the incidents occurring and will continue to aggressively investigate these crimes to keep Fayetteville a safe community.