Fayetteville Police Chief Greg Tabor wants to remind citizens about the new traffic signal on North Street at the Scull Creek Trail Crossing.

            Recently, the City of Fayetteville’s Transportation Division installed a new traffic signal for the Scull Creek Trail crossing on North Street between Gregg Avenue and Leverett Avenue. This new configuration creates a fully-signalized and controlled intersection for vehicular traffic and trail users at the location where Scull Creek Trail intersects with North Street.

            Trail users approaching North Street may activate the signal by pressing the button at the intersection. Trail users may legally cross only on a green/walk symbol for the trail.  Likewise, motorists are required to stop for pedestrians and cyclists when light for vehicular traffic on North Street is red.   

            The Fayetteville Police Department will continue to patrol the intersection over the coming weeks to ensure the safety of motorists and trail users.

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