Canterbury Water Storage Tank

 The objective of this 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank is to meet fire flow requirements, provide adequate flows during high demand periods, and meet industry standard and Health Department minimum storage requirements.  After significant discussion and negotiation, the site off Canterbury Street was chosen in 2009.  Staff met with area residents regarding paint color, fencing style, site layout, and landscaping, and their requests were incorporated into the final design. The spheroid tank style was both the area residents’ preference and the style of the low bid. Construction began in summer 2010 and will be completed mid-2011.

 This tank will provide several benefits for our customers.  First, if you live in the area it serves, it will significantly increase the fire protection throughout that area.  This will probably cause the City’s ISO fire insurance rating to be reduced, very likely resulting in lower insurance costs for all of Fayetteville’s citizens.  Second, if you live on one of the highest elevations in the area served by the tank, you probably have had flow and/or pressure during peak demand periods (typically summer time).  This tank will stabilize both the flow and the pressure in this system, so that your flow and/or pressure will be the same year round.  The flow and pressure in your home is influenced by many things such as the age, size, and configuration of your plumbing, your elevation, and the size and configuration of the City’s piping system in your neighborhood, but this tank will stabilize the flow and pressure to the highest level you see anytime during the year.  If you live in the Canterbury Street area very close to the tank, your flow and/or pressure will likely increase a little above anything you have seen at your home. More about how a water tank increases pressure and flow can be seen at the following web link: