Staying Informed

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Transportation Capital Improvement Projects

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) examines the infrastructure and capital needs of the City for the next five years. The plan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis to reflect the changing needs of the community and changes in available monies for financing capital projects. The CIP is utilized as a planning document that places projects in the annual budget where funds are appropriated by the City Council. Transportation improvements projects are funded by revenues received from the 1% City sales tax originally adopted in 1993. 

In-House Pavement Improvements

This project provides resources for the systematic overlay of existing streets and includes curb cuts, curb and guttering, pavement striping, and preparation costs for overlays. Overlaying streets within a 15 year cycle is intended to optimize the longevity of roadways and minimize significant maintenance requirements resulting in fewer complete renovations at a substantially greater cost. In the last quarter of each year, the need for street overlays is reviewed and recommendations are presented to the Street Committee. The Street Committee presents its recommendation to City Council for approval by resolution. For more information on current projects please see the link.

Sidewalk Improvements 

Sidewalk projects are selected to improve the connectivity of the sidewalk system by constructing new and repairing existing sidewalks. Sidewalk needs are reviewed annually in conjunction with the street overlay program and presented to the City Council for approval by resolution. For more information on current projects please see the link.

Traffic Signal Improvements

This project provides funding for the installation of new traffic signals, upgrades to existing traffic signals, and other improvements which enhance the safety and movement of pedestrians and vehicles. Locations are determined as warrants are met as specified in the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and when related street projects are completed. For more information on Traffic Control please see the link.