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WSIP Project

The Wastewater System Improvement Project (WSIP) is a system wide project that significantly increases the capacity of the City’s wastewater system. This project addresses capacity shortfalls in the wastewater collection and treatment systems; the design is expected to treat the wastewater for 115,000 people.

This project will increase the City’s wastewater treatment capacity from 12.6 to 21.2 million gallons per day, and will reduce the number of sewer system overflows due to rain entering the system. It also improves odor control facilities system wide. The west side wastewater treatment plant started treating wastewater on May 29, 2008.

Major construction elements of the project include:

  1. Constructing a new West Side Wastewater Treatment Plant ($62.7 million including water lines, wetlands construction, and other work adjacent to the site).

  2. Constructing 21.6 miles of new or replacement sewer transmission pipes and 2 pump stations in the north and west areas of the City to carry the wastewater to the new West Side WWTP ($39.9 million).
  3. Upgrading the existing Noland WWTP and a biosolids processing facility on the east side of town ($25.0 million).
  4. Constructing 9.3 miles of new or replacement sewer transmission pipes and replacing, modifying, or upgrading six pump stations in the south and east areas of the City to better carry the wastewater to the Noland WWTP ($18.2 million).
  5. The project also involves work including constructing 25.5 acres of wetlands, over one mile of roadway, �� mile of water pipe, engineering design and construction inspection for all aspects of the project, easements for the pipelines, and all of the associated permitting and coordination with the Corps of Engineers, Arkansas Department of Equality, the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, the Beaver Water District, various Oklahoma agencies, and contingency calculated ($32.9 million).

  6. A lift station and approximately four miles of associated pipe line work to service Farmington and the Fayetteville area immediately east of Farmington (Approx. $5.0 million provided by Farmington and $2.0 million provided by Fayetteville).
    The project is funded through a combination of a $42 million sales tax bond issue approved in September 2006, a $125 million sales tax bond issue approved in November 2001, system revenues, developer impact fees, and the sale of land at the West Side WWTP site.

    Wastewater System Improvement Project Updates and Other Documents
    *Last updated on June 5, 2012