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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get signed up on the mailing list?

    To sign up on our mailing list, please send an e-mail containing your company name, primary contact name, and business phone number to

    Please add to your address book to make sure you get e-mails that are sent out.

  2. What is the difference between a Bid, an RFP, and an RFQ?

    During a bid, price is the most deciding factor for award.  Bid examples include: construction, equipment, materials and supplies.

    An RFP (Request for Proposals) or RFQ (Request for Qualifications) is used more where price is a consideration, but not the most weighed factor.  Other factors considered include:
     1. Qualifications in Relation to Specific Project to be Performed
     2. Experience, Competence, and Capacity for Performance
     3. Work Method and Location of Facilities
     4. Past Performance
     5. Price (not considered in an RFQ)

    RFQ's are only done for architectural, engineering and legal services.

  3. Where do we advertise our Bids, RFP's and RFQ's?

    All advertisements run in the Northwest Arkansas Times and Arkansas Democrat-Gazette under classification 1210 legals.

  4. Who do I call if I have a question?

    Please refer to the contact information provided in each Bid, RFP or RFQ.

  5. Am I allowed to contact the selection committee members during the RFP/RFQ process?

    No.  By City policy, vendors are not allowed to communicate with any members of the selection committee until the committee has voted.

  6. Are there any requirements for submitting a bid?

    Terms and conditions vary with each bid depending on what is being purchased.  Please refer to the terms and conditions section of the bid for details.

  7. Do I need to include taxes and shipping in my bid?

    Bid pricing shall include all labor, materials, shipping, insurance, etc., to cover the furnishing of the items bid.  Sales tax will apply when necessary; however, it will not be considered during bid evaluation.

  8. How do I get a copy of a plan holders list?

    Not all bids have an associated plan holder listings.  Typically these are kept only for construction related projects.  Any bid which has an associated plan holder listing will be posted and made available on the section of the website containing the bid information.

  9. When do I need an Arkansas Contractor’s License Number?

    When bidding on a construction project for more than $20,000 an current valid Arkansas State Contractor’s License is required.

  10. When do I need a bid bond or 100% performance and payment bond?

    A bid bond is required to be submitted with construction bids totaling $20,000 or more.  A 100% performance and payment bond is required whenever a vendor is awarded a construction contract totaling $20,000 or more.  Equipment or service contracts exceeding $20,000 may in some instances also require a performance and payment bond.

  11. Where do I find the results of a bid?

    The results of our bids can be found on the Bid Tabulations page.

  12. What does the City do with its surplus equipment?

    The City of Fayetteville sells surplus via a third party online auction company called GovDeals, Inc. The City of Fayetteville sends out notifications containing a list of items that have been placed on the auction site. Please subscribe to our mailing list to get automatic notifications of items for sale. If you have questions regarding the online process contact the Purchasing Division at 479-575-8256. For new GovDeals bidder verifications, call 1-800-613-0156 ext. 1, and for assistance with an existing GovDeals, Inc. account, call customer service at 1-800-613-0156, ext. 2.