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Commercial Recycling

The Recycling and Trash Collection Division has several options for businesses who want to participate in recycling programs.  Please review the following services to see which one fits your business the best.  There is a 24 hour a day / 7 day a week recycling drop off located at 1420 S. Happy Hollow Road in southeast Fayetteville for those who choose not to participate in any of the following services.

Commercial Cardboard Recycling:

There are several options for recycling small and large amounts of cardboard.  A weekly dumpster service utilizing 4 to 8 yard dumpsters with collection up to 5 times per week will handle a business with a large amount of cardboard.  For information on drop box or compactor service of cardboard please contact our Commercial Sales Representative at 575-8397 or e-mail here for more information.

Commercial Paper Recycling:

The Commercial Paper Dumpster program is designed for large quantity paper users.  The type of paper collected includes office paper, magazines, newsprint, and other sorted office papers.  No trash, plastic, metals or other materials are accepted with this service.  The cost is $32.76 per month plus a monthly lease of $14.73.  The service is for once a week collection with a 4 yd dumpster.   For information on commercial paper recycling contact our Commercial Sales Representative at 575-8397 or e-mail here for more information.

Small Business Recycling: 

Businesses with weekly volumes of material similar to a residential home can participate in the residential curbside recycling service.  The 18-gallon green recycling bins with a domed lid are used for this service, and collection is one time per week.   

The cost for the service is $5.88 per month with a limit of five bins.  Recycling bins must be purchased in advance for $10.50 plus tax per bin. 

Small businesses must follow the rules for the residential recycling collection. Materials accepted include:

  • All plastic bottles coded #1 or #2; glass containers in all colors; aluminum cans, and steel cans can be placed loose in the bins.
  • Newspaper and mixed paper consisting of copy paper, junk mail, paper board, magazines or phone books may be separated in a reusable bag available at the Recycling and Trash Collection Division for $4.25 plus tax (please call (479) 575-8398 for more information on bags), can be stacked / bundled or stored in paper grocery sacks for easy sorting by our drivers, or can be placed in a separate bin dedicated to paper and paperboard. We cannot accept plastic grocery bags as those are a contaminant in our program. Plastic bags can be recycled at local stores.
  • Cardboard can be flattened and placed under the bin (large volumes greater than 3’ x 3’ cannot be collected curbside but can be taken to either recycling drop off or use cardboard dumpster service).

    Businesses with higher volumes must use the dumpster services for recycling of cardboard and paper or the material can be taken to the recycling drop off located at 1420 S. Happy Hollow Rd in southeast Fayetteville. The site is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for convenience.

For information pertaining to the small business recycling please contact our Waste Reduction Coordinator at 718-7685 or e-mail here.

How to order service:

If your office is interested in any of the services above please call the following:  For cardboard recycling with dumpsters or larger containers or for a paper dumpster you may contact our Commercial Service Representative at 575-8397.  For the curbside recycling service you can call our Waste Reduction Coordinator at 718-7685.  E-mail would be the easiest way to communicate on these services and you may e-mail the Recycling and Trash Collection Office by clicking here.  

Please consider recycling at your business.  Together we can recycle more and waste less, and create a sustainable environment for everyone.