Recycling & Trash Collection

The Recycling and Trash Collection Division provides for the collection and processing of commercial and residential waste for the City of Fayetteville. Composting and Recycling programs are operated jointly to divert the maximum amount of material from the landfill to productive use.

The Recycling and Trash Collection Division is responsible for all Recycling and Trash Collection employees, the waste disposal contract, and management of the City's Transfer Station, Recycling and Composting Facilities.

Administrating these responsibilities includes the management of all customer service programs including: bulk pickup, Ward Bulky Waste Clean Ups, yardwaste collection, residential recyclingcommercial recycling programs, drop box programs, commercial and residential waste collections.  

Residential trash is collected under a Pay-As-You-Throw program. Please read the program guidelines under the residential page for all the important information regarding this collection program. Extra charges can be incurred if the correct size cart is not chosen wisely.

Check here for the Holiday Schedule for collections during holiday weeks.

To reach the Recycling and Trash Collection Office please call the main number at (479) 575-8398.  The fax number is (479) 444-3478 and the Telecommunications Device for the Deaf is (479) 521-1316.  To send an e-mail please use the contact option in the left menu bar.