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Residential Waste

The City of Fayetteville provides residential trash and recycling collection to approximately 21,200 residences. The City is divided into four (4) sections and routes are collected Monday through Thursday. Route times for collection begin at 5 am for trash, recycling and yardwaste collection.  Please have your trash, recycling and yardwaste out by these times to be collected.

Click here to view our Pay-As-You-Throw Brochure

Click here to see which day your area is serviced  Service Day by Area

In cases of inclement weather please check the website or local paper for schedule changes. For more information on your scheduled trash day please contact the Recycling and Trash Collection Division at 479-575-8398.

Very Important!!! Please read!!! The City of Fayetteville operates a Pay-As-You-Throw trash program for residential customers. With this system, residents are charged based on the size container they select.  Please make sure to sign up for the correct size cart for your residence. More information on each size cart can be found by clicking here.

Very Important!!! Please read!!! With the Pay-As-You-Throw program the city charges $6.20 per each additional extra bag of trash. Extra bags of trash can be those on the ground or in the cart with the lid open.  Each residence receives four free virtual stickers each year to use with the program. These virtual extra bag stickers are shown on the monthly water bill.  Bags collected at the curb without stickers will be charged the $6.20 per bag charge on your monthly bill.  All paper stickers from previous years will expire on December 31st, 2014.

Very Important!!! Please read!!! All lids on the carts must be closed completely or a $6.20 charge for each visible bag sticking out of the cart will be charged to the resident. It is much cheaper to get the correct sized cart for your residence than it is to be charged for each extra bag placed above the rim of the cart.  Please choose your cart size wisely.

How to dispose of large bulky items at your home?

There are several options to dispose of large bulky items from your home. 

First, each single family residence is allowed one free bulky waste pick up at their home each year.  Click the link here to find out more.

Second, Ward Bulky Waste Clean Ups are held each year.  Please click the link here to find out more about how these clean ups work and how you can participate.

And lastly, the Recycling and Trash Collection Division has a variety of container sizes to help with remodeling and construction disposal projects.  Please click the link here to find out more about these services.