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Can I use plastic grocery/retail bags to bundle or sack newspaper, paperboard, and junk mail?


No. Plastic grocery bags are not accepted in our recycling program.  These bags are currently only recyclable at the stores where they originated.  Please recycle your bags at these stores, which have recycling boxes at their entrances.  To keep newspaper, paperboard, and mixed paper separate, we suggest that you use two recycling bins, one for containers and one for paper, newspaper, and paperboard.  If you only want to use one bin, we ask that you stack your newspaper, junk mail, and paperboard neatly in your bin to allow for quick sorting by our drivers.  You may bag newspaper, mixed paper, and paperboard in paper grocery bags if you have them available, but please consider purchasing reusable cloth bags for your shopping needs.  Doing so is the best environmental practice since it reduces the number of plastic and paper bags used.