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What if I am physically unable to get my trash and recycling to the curb?


The Solid Waste and Recycling Division provides an exemption program to disabled persons meeting certain requirements.  There is no extra fee for this service.  In order to qualify for the exemption program, a city resident must be able to provide state documentation proving that they are physically handicapped to the extent that they are substantially impaired from being able to transport household trash and recycling from their residence to the designated place for collection at the curb.  There must also be no one residing at that address over the age of twelve (12) years, who would be able to transport such waste from their residence to the designated place for collection.  If you are a resident who qualifies for this service, and if you wish to apply for the program, please complete the application on our website.  Once the application is received and processed, a City of Fayetteville representative will contact you and inform you of your exemption status.