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Volunteer to Keep Fayetteville Beautiful

Fayetteville is a beautiful place to live and work.  One of the reasons this is so true is the fact that many of your fellow residents work to keep our city clean.  Putting waste in its place is very important in reaching a realistic goal to Keep Fayetteville Clean and Green.

You can help with these efforts by getting involved with Solid Waste and Recycling programs such as Curb the Clutter, coordinated clean up events or volunteering at our recycling drop off to help keep the site clean and educate users of the site about recycling.  Also, each spring and fall, Fayetteville partners with Keep Arkansas Beautiful and the Lake Fayetteville Watershed Partnership to sponsor a lake clean up at Lake Fayetteville.  This is an excellent opportunity to get involved with Keeping Fayetteville Beautiful.

These programs rely on volunteers for keeping the programs viable.  Litter is avoidable and Fayetteville is committed to keeping our streets and park lands clean, but we need your help.  Teach kids that littering is bad and set a good example for them.  If you see a person littering, be curtious in reminding them that litter is not tolerable.  We can make a difference!

If you would like to be a part of Keeping Fayetteville Beautiful please call our Waste Reduction Coordinator at (479) 718-7685 or e-mail here for more information or to sign up.  Together we will make a Difference!