Solid Waste & Recycling Resource Management Plan

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About the Project:
In 2008 the City of Fayetteville hired R.W. Beck to perform a Recycling Program Study. The R.W. Beck study provided a comprehensive review of the existing practices, collected and analyzed a wide variety of important data and proposed recommendations for improving the efficiency and quantity of materials recycled in the community.  The Solid Waste & Recycling Resource Management Plan, a long term plan for the City of Fayetteville's Solid Waste & Recycling division, would build off of the data and recommendations from the R. W. Beck Recycling Program Study, as well as the input of local and regional stakeholders and the public, to lay out short, medium and long term goals and objectives addressing waste stream reduction and other areas of concern for Solid Waste & Recycling.

Anticipated Outcomes:

1)      Document existing improvement strategies including changes to franchise agreements, expansion of small business recycling, and additional drop off facilities.

2)      An intensive public input period to develop guiding principles, goals and objectives.

3)      An analysis of existing practices, data and recommendations from the R. W. Beck study.

4)      A management plan with guiding principles, goals, objectives, implementation strategies and proposed timeline.

5)      Complete a re-draft of Chapter 50: Garbage and Trash of the Fayetteville Municipal Code and present to the Water, Sewer, & Solid Waste committee and the City Council for adoption.

6)      Presentation of the proposed Plan to appointed and elected officials for review and adoption.