LED Street, Pedestrian, and Trail Lights

LED technology is on the cusp of becoming a fully functional option for lighting. Colors, like red, yellow, green for traffic lights, have been available for decades, but achieving the white light expected by most outdoor lighting has been difficult until now. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate that LEDs have a reasonable return on investment (ROI), reduce energy consumption by at least 50 percent, and last ten years or five times longer than conventional lighting; thus setting a policy going forward that all City projects will include LEDs in the design. To date the City has installed 33 LEDs between North and Maple on Scull Creek Trail, 32 LEDs on Block Avenue, 25 LEDs on Frisco Trail from Maple to Spring Street, and 12 LEDs at the Fayetteville Public Library using EECBG dollars as well as retrofitting wall pack lights on Scull Creek tunnels.  Parks & Recreation has installed LEDs on the Wilson Park trail, representing the first installation using City funds.

Scull Creek Trail