Municipal Energy Fund

In 2008, the City of Fayetteville entered into a $330,000 performance contract with Johnson Controls to provide energy retrofits for City Admin, Airport, Building Services, Fleet & Transportation, and Parks & Recreation facilities. The energy savings from this project will provide a payback of less than seven years. The Municipal Energy Fund from EECBG dollars was developed to retrofit the remaining "primary" buildings owned by the City and then utilize the energy savings for future projects. Engineering Elements was hired to provide energy audit services along with construction and contract documents.

• Police Department (~$103,000) – King Electric and Carrier Corp were awarded bids to retrofit lighting, motion sensors, HVAC replacement, and controls.

• Water & Sewer Operations (~$100,000) – King Electric was awarded the lighting contract for this project including interior lighting, motion sensors, glazing, and exterior LED lighting.  Professional Air Systems was awarded the HVAC contract.  Water & Sewer has provided $35,000 in matching funds.

• Central Fire Station (~$16,000) – This facility was not on the original list of six facilities for an audit, but their HVAC system failed in June 2010 which presented an opportunity to install high efficiency equipment.