Urban Agriculture Ordinance Review

The Urban Agriculture Ordinance, Ordinance 5668, ADM 13-4331, was adopted by City Council On March 18, 2014.  This ordinance is an update and replacement of the previous "Animals and Fowl" ordinance adopted in 2008 and includes provisions for the keeping of fowl, bees and goats, and allows for limited sales of home produced products in residential areas. 

For a copy of the ordinance you may contact the Fayetteville City Clerk's office at 479-575-8323.

Click HERE to see an FAQ sheet for highlights of the ordinance.


On March 19, 2013, City Council approved a resolution for City staff to review Fayetteville's Unified Development Code to recommend amendments that will promote residents' ability to grow and sell plant and animal based food products.  See the staff memo for this item.

In 2009 Alderman Petty requested that staff begin looking at Fayetteville's capacity for growing food in underutilized publicly owned open space.  He and staff met again in 2011 to discuss local foods movements and how city governments can have effective involvement in local foods issues. 

In the fall of 2012 local foods surveys were solicited through Feed Fayetteville and the Fayetteville Forward Local Foods Action Group which helped prioritize suggestions for Mayor Jordan on how to improve Fayetteville's community food system, urban agriculture and access to fresh food.  The Fayetteville Forward Food group prioritized the top comments, the top three being:

  1. Unified Development Code review and modification
  2. Expanded ability to sell food onsite where grown
  3. Review of the Animals and Fowl ordinance for possible expansion

Under the Mayor's direction, staff assembled and met for six months with a small group of stakeholders consisting of farmers, agricultural law students and food security professionals to research and review these priorities in order to make recommendations for revisions to Fayetteville's Unified Development Code.  A finalized draft of proposed revisions was created and was presented at meetings in each of Fayetteville's four wards. The ordinance revisions passed 7-0 after being tabled at the Planning Commission for one meeting, and went before the City Council for adoption in February and March of 2014. 

Project Schedule:

Stakeholder Group Monthly Meeting:  Complete
Special Techical Meetings:  Complete
Develop Recommended Changes:  Complete
Public Meetings in Each City Ward:  Complete
Present to Planning Commission:  Complete
Present to City Council for Adoption:  February and March 2014
Adopted by City Council:  March 18, 2014

Click HERE to see a draft of the proposed Unified Development Code updates.
Click HERE to see the Staff Memo.
Click HERE to see supplementary information on the proposed ordinance.