Sustainability & Strategic Planning Staff


                                                           Meet Our Staff


             Peter Nierengarten                       Leif Olson                             Lee Porter               

Peter Nierengarten, P. E., LEED AP
Director of Sustainability & Strategic Planning

Peter has worked for the City of Fayetteville since the summer of 2012.  He is a passionate supporter of sustainable lifestyle choices including bicycle commuting, organic gardening, creative reuse and recycling, energy conservation, green remodeling, use of public transportation, rainwater harvesting and composting.  He has worked on multiple sustainability related projects including managing large solar array design and construction, micro-hydro design, rainwater harvesting, fruit and nut tree planting, bicycling outreach and education and municipal energy management policy.  He is very interested in promoting sustainability and livability for the City of Fayetteville and advancing the six goals of City Plan 2030.  Peter is very proud to serve Fayetteville in a role that will provide vital direction for his community's continued sustainable growth.

Peter earned a bachelor and masters degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Arkansas in 2001 & 2002.  He worked for a civil consulting firm in NW Arkansas for a short time before relocating to Portland, OR in 2003.  For almost nine years he worked for the Portland Water Bureau as an engineer, project manager, energy manager, green building consultant and sustainability advocate. 

Leif Olson, A.I.C.P.
Associate Planner

Leif has worked as a long range planner for the City of Fayetteville planning division since 2003.  He has managed multiple planning initiatives in Fayetteville in recent years including: the Low Impact Development Ordinance, the Block Avenue design, the Hillside/Hilltop Overlay District Ordinance, the Downtown Master Plan vision document, form-based code adoption and architectural standards, the Outdoor Lighting Ordinance, the Access Management and Street Design standards, Accessory Dwelling Ordinance and the Cottage Housing Development Ordinance.  Leif works on a wide variety of projects and is specifically interested in projects that explore the relationship between land use and sustainability.

Leif earned a Bachelor of Science degree in City Planning from Missouri State University in 1993 and worked as a current planner in Kentucky prior to coming to Fayetteville.  His interest in urban planning policy is coupled with graphic skills that have been developed through the neighborhood planning process utilized by the City.  Leif also has extensive experience with moving complicated or difficult projects through the public approval process.

Lee Porter,
Sustainability Project Coordinator

Lee joined the City of Fayetteville Sustainability and Resilience Team in August of 2014. Her interest in sustainable development began while obtaining a degree in Landscape Architecture. How land has been used, designed, planned, altered and developed has always been of interest to her. She enjoys traveling with the focus of observing city planning development throughout history as well as visiting local Botanical Gardens. Lee is interested in all aspects of sustainable development but has a specific interest in Green Roof Development. She is excited to be part of the Sustainability and Resilience Team to help Fayetteville develop in a way that will help secure a high quality of life for future generations as well as remediate existing development to help the community enjoy today.

Lee graduated from the Fay Jones School of Architecture with a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture. She previously worked for the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks and for Peaslee Design, a landscape design small business she started in 2012. Her background in Landscape Architecture coupled with an eye for graphic aesthetic and project management skills are used by the City.