East Gate Plaza Redevelopment

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City Council Resolution to change the Future Land Use Map, November 2013  

The City Council passed a resolution in November of 2013, amending the Future Land Use Map to change the City owned parcel of the former Tyson plant at the corner of Happy Hollow and Huntsville Road from Civic Institutional to City Neighborhood.  The resolution was adopted, both to express the City Council's support to request proposals for the sale and development of the remaining acreage of the property, and to express the City Council's intent to include a minimum amount of green space and to follow Fayetteville's low impact design standards.  Please read below for the history leading up to this action.

East Gate Plaza Input Session and Design Options, August 2013

The City hosted an input session on August 8, 2013, where citizens were invited to come and give preferences for site design and use options.  Participants viewed the three design options (which are shown in the East Gate-Tyson Mexican Original Analysis Document) and filled out a survey, which was also available online to those who weren't able to make the input session.

When asked for top priorities based on design elements and ideas shown in the plans, participants ranked neighborhood gardens, public space/greenspace/park areas and attractive well designed retail and commercial development as their top priorities.  Also high on the priority list were single family housing and affordable single family housing with multifamily ranking slightly lower.  Food, grocery, restaurants and food trucks with outdoor dining components were also popular.  Many people placed importance on the bus and transit hub/trail head concept with focus on public art and landscape areas. 

80% of those surveyed thought that the plans were on the right track.

East Gate Plaza Redevelopment Background

The former Tyson Mexican Original property is located at 1851 E. Huntsville Road. In 2005 the City of Fayetteville acquired the 11.5 acres, which included a dilapidated 124,000 square foot building, for $1.1 million.  The City split off 1.31 acres for the construction of a fire station and has dedicated 1.16 acres for the widening and improvement of the Huntsville Road and Happy Hollow intersection, leaving approximately 9.03 acres.

In 2013 the City agreed to sell approximately 2 acres, which contained the dilapidated building, to Kum & Go Convenience Stores for $1.115 million and an agreement to help to pay for the demolition costs of the existing structure. The City was able to auction off the rights to demolish and recycle portions of the Tyson structure to Ar-Rahim Metal Trading for $91,026.  Demolition continued through 2013.  Kum & Go is set to begin site development and necessary street improvements.

The City will be left with approximately 5.8 acres of land to hold, develop or sell.


To conduct an in-house design exercise with City Staff, elected officials and key stakeholders to develop a master plan document and illustrative plan for the Tyson Mexican Original site. Conduct an open house review with the public to receive input on the various concept plans that the design team has developed.


1)      A master plan for the site indicating parcels, street and access

2)      An illustrative plan showing the proposed zoning, use and urban form.

3)      Implementation steps for achieving master plan.