Past Projects

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Research, Analysis and Evaluation            Strategic Plans & Master Plans

Business Registry and Licensing Program               Arts Council Action Plan
East/West Traffic Management Analysis                 City Plan 2025
Hillside/Hilltop Ordinance Amendments                  Lake Fayetteville Water Recreation Assmt.             Downtown Master Plan                                             FATT Plan Update 
Light Rail Feasibility Study Resolution                     Fayette Junction
Private Street Signs                                                  Future Land Use Plan
Prospective Company Geographical Model              Human Resources Strategic Plan
Streamside Protection Ordinance                             Master Transportation Plan
Transit System Shelter Project                                 Walker Park Neighborhood Master Plan
Sustainable Yard Ordinance                                      Wedington Corridor Plan 
Tyson Best Use Analysis                                            Fayette Junction
                                                                                    City Plan 2030                            


Bike Rack Art 
Green Collar Workforce Training Center                   
2010 Census Public Outreach


Building Code Update
Community Revolving Loan Fund 
District Court Solar
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant 
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
LED Street, Pedestrian & Trail Lights
Municipal Energy Fund
Sustainable Cities Institute Pilot Cities Program
Fayetteville Public Library Solar Panel Project
Green Building Resolution
Johnson Controls Performance Contract 
Vehicle No-Idling Policy 
Solid Waste & Recycling Resource Management Plan