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Residential Energy Efficiency Program


Whether it is gasoline for the automobile, electricity and gas for the home, or calories for the human body, energy is essential to the daily lives of every person on the planet. For this reason demand, and therefore cost of energy will only increase into the future.
With today’s energy prices it is important for any home buyer to understand that the cost of heating, cooling and lighting a home is just as consistent as the monthly mortgage. Fayetteville’s Energy Scorecard is aimed at helping homebuyers better understand what those costs will be.

With this in mind, every new home in Fayetteville is now required to display the Energy Scorecard so builders and buyers will know how it compares to other homes in the area. The Energy Scorecard is designed to provide an easy to understand points system and a list of notable energy efficiency measures in the home.

Creating the Scorecard

In December 2007, the Mayor’s Ad-Hoc Committee on Energy Efficient Construction was assembled with the goal of improving energy efficiency in all new construction in Fayetteville. The Committee quickly narrowed its focus on new residential construction because of the lack of an effective, widespread mechanism to measure energy efficiency in homes and created Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) and the Fayetteville Energy Scorecard.

Pre-design Consultation Encouraged

Scorecard in all new homes within the city limits and stands ready to assist in making decisions that will affect the energy efficiency of your project. Contact Dennis Sanders, Building Services, at 575-8267 to make an appointment and for more information.

Accolades for Participants

Participating homes are given signage to place on the property and listed with additional information about the home.

For a list of participating homes: Click HERE