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Drainage Program

The Transportation Division ensures, through the Drainage Maintenance Program, that drainage systems on public right-of-ways and improved drainage systems accepted by the City of Fayetteville are free of uncontrolled growth and blockages through routine maintenance. Included among activities performed are:

  • Cleaning and reshaping drainage ditches
  • Removal of silt and debris from drop inlets
  • Installation and maintenance of storm drains
  • Installation of drain tiles and French drains
  • Inspection, cleaning and maintenance of bridges
  • Other drainage related repairs and structural improvements

The maintenance listed above is restricted to public street right-of-ways and drainage easements only and is performed in order to provide needed drainage capacity and to reduce flooding incidents.   

Maintenance of property located outside of these easements and right-of-ways is the responsibility of the property owner. 

The goal of the Drainage Maintenance Program is divert storm water from road surfaces, public access areas, or low basins and to channel water into streams, lakes, or the ground to promote safety and health. Drains and ditches are routinely cleaned to remove any obstacles obstructing the flow of water. Structural improvements are made to insure that the system is efficiently and reasonably handling water flow.  

Citizens are reminded to never dispose of leaves, grass clippings or trash into the drainage system or in a location, such as a roadway, where debris could be swept into the system by storm water. Such actions may result in serious flooding after the next storm.  

Contact Information

Please contact the Transportation Division if you have any questions, concerns or notice an area in need of improvements, maintenance or repair.

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
Phone: (479) 575-8228
Or submit a Customer Service Online Service Request

For after-hours emergency, please call the Police Department at (479) 587-3555. Transportation crew members are on call 24 hours a day to address emergencies.