How can citizens obtain assistance with flooding problems or clogged storm drains?


The Transportation Division has a drainage maintenance program to ensure that drainage systems on public right-of-ways and improved drainage systems, accepted by the City, are free of uncontrolled growth and blockages.  Included among the activities performed are:

  • Cleaning and reshaping of drainage ditches
  • Removal of silt and debris from drop inlets
  • Installation of drain tiles and French drains
  • Inspection, cleaning and maintenance of bridges
  • Other drainage related repairs 

The maintenance listed is restricted to street right-of-ways and drainage easements only and is performed in order to provide needed drainage capacity and to reduce flooding incidents.  Requests for drainage maintenance can be reported by calling the Transportation Division office at (479) 575-8228, sending an e-mail to, or submitting a Customer Service Online Service Request.