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Please Rate Our Service


We care about our community, and its people.

As employees of the City of Fayetteville Water and Wastewater Division, we are committed to provide high quality services in a fiscally sustainable, responsive and friendly manner to foster a safe and healthy community. We believe that this standard of service promotes all that is positive about our city. In order to best achieve our commitment to provide a wide range of quality services we support the philosophy of public service that is embodied in the following statements:

�� We care about our community, and its people.

�� We will seek to identify creative and innovative approaches to serve our

�� We believe in meeting our citizens’ needs by providing friendly, courteous, and
   efficient service.

�� We will strive to make decisions with input from those most likely to be affected.

�� We believe in listening to our citizens and responding to their ideas and concerns.

�� We affirm that all employees have the responsibility of meeting a high standard of
  excellence within the parameters of their particular job in order to ensure quality
  services from the Water and Wastewater Division

With these goals in mind, the Water and Wastewater Operations Division  is pleased to announce that we are implementing a ��Rate Our Service�� report card that will dovetail into our green and blue informational  cards already being utilized.  The ��Rate Our Service�� cards will be orange in color and placed on front doors with information needed to grade us on the quality of our service.  The ��Rate Our Service�� cards have a perforation that will allow the customer to tear off a post card for mailing or you may access the form electronically.  If you have any questions or comments about the new form please contact Tom Hubbard, Operations Manager or William Winn, Assistant Operations Manager at 479-575-8387.   

See the Northwest Arkansas Times article by Marsha L. Melnichak

Electronic Report Card