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Meter Read

Reading your water meter accurately is priority. Our readers read meters 2 or 3 days of the week. After they have read their routes using a Solid State Interrogator (SSI) pictured left. The information is then downloaded and the reads updated from last month. A comparison report is then printed to show any reads that are too high or too low (Hi-Lo Report), and the reads from that report are checked twice, sometimes up to three times to assure accuracy before billing.

Meter Operations is field testing a Radio-Read Meter;     
Which will allow a meter reader to read meters in any
weather conditions. The meter and transmitter pictured,
will transmit the read to a vehicle transceiver and laptop
computer without stopping or getting out of the vehicle. This will cut down on misread
meters, and delays in weather conditions.

Our Customer Service Department handles most of the field work such as, turning water services on or off, checking pressure problems, leak detections, and setting new meters for new services.

The Meter Maintenance Department is responible for making sure your water meter is functioning properly and accurately. Each meter is tested in our shop to meet or exceed Arkansas Water Works Association (AWWA) standards.

The internal makings of a meter are a measuring chamber and a set of gears propelled only by water passing through it. The meter is designed NOT to show usage unless water passes through it. If you go to check your meter and the sweep hand is moving, this is a good indication you have a leak.