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Related Services and Operations

Water is purchased from Beaver Water District, the point of service being the water treatment plant at Beaver Lake in Springdale. This water is treated to current drinking water standards (see Water Quality Report) and is pumped to the municipal system through 10-mile long parallel 36-inch and 42-inch water transmission mains. The City of Fayetteville buys its water wholesale from Beaver Water District, which is the largest provider of drinking water in Northwest Arkansas.

Wastewater treatment is provided by a 12.6 million gallon per day plant. Operation of the treatment plant, the 32 wastewater pumping stations, the industrial pretreatment program and the environmental permitting are contracted to OMI.

Sanitary sewer system rehabilitation work, technical support services, capital improvement project contracts and specialized services related to utility operations are achieved by a variety of service providers including engineering consultants, technical services companies and specialty contractors. This division plans, implements and oversees these supplementary activities.