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Water & Sewer Operations

This program manages the operations, maintenance, safety, and training of the Water & Sewer Maintenance Division. The Water Maintenance Program maintains the water distribution systems for the cities of Fayetteville, Farmington, Greenland, Wheeler, Goshen, portions of Johnson, and the growth area. This program works with other divisions, consulting engineers, manufacturers, and contractors on all aspects of the water system. The water distribution system consists of roughly 614 miles of water mains, 3,584 fire hydrants, 8,953 valves, 275 miles of service line, 14 storage tanks, three lake dams, and 10 major pump stations with 21 pumps providing water to over 75,000 persons with over 39,000 accounts. The water system provides wholesale service to the cities of Elkins and West Fork, the Mount Olive Rural Water System, and the Washington Water Authority.

The Sewer Maintenance Program maintains the sewer collection systems for the cities of Fayetteville, Farmington, Greenland, small portions of Johnson, and the growth area and provides wholesale service to the City of Elkins. This program manages the sewer overflow elimination and rehabilitation programs and coordinates with Federal and State regulatory agencies, contract service vendors, and consulting engineering firms working on sewer system projects. This program also coordinates cleaning, maintenance and, if necessary, designs and coordinates replacements for sewer system elements using sewer construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation techniques. The sewer system consists of over 550 miles of sewer mains and 12,050 manholes and serves over 75,000 persons through over 32,000 connections.

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