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How to Check for a Water Leak

Do not turn off valve in meter box!

  • First, locate the meter that supplies your home. Observe to see if the red sweep hand is moving or if your meter is equipped with a small black triangle (this is a low flow indicator) check to see if it is turning. If so you have a leak and water is going through the meter.
  • If you have a shut off valve that isolates the house from the yard line, turn it off, and check the meter. If it continues to run the leak could be located in the yard line. If it stops the leak is located in the house.
  • The next step is to isolate different fixtures or outlets in the home you suspect could be leaking. (Example; toilets, hot water tank, basin)
  • Turn these fixtures off, then recheck the meter to see if it still is running.
  • If the meter is still running after isolating different fixtures in the house, It's possible the leak is under the house.


There is also a simple dye test you can do to see if a toilet is running. This test is designed to show whether or not the flapper is seated correctly. Food coloring or flavored drink mix can be used for this test.

  • Please use red, green or blue.
  • If you use cleaning tablets in your commode tank, remove them and flush the water clear.
  • Take the lid off the back of the toilet.
  •  Put the coloring in the back of the tank.
  •  DO NOT FLUSH THE TOILET. Let it set several hours or overnight.
  •  If the color shows up in the toilet bowl all by itself, or if the tank and the bowl have flushed themselves clear, the FLAPPER SEALS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TOILET TANK ARE NOT SEATING PROPERLY AND NEED TO BE REPLACED.
  •  If the color is still all in the tank, then the flapper is seating properly.

    If you suspect you have a leak, the recommended thing to do is to contact a plumber. If you feel this is not necessary perhaps your landlord, realtor, friend or neighbor could assist you with any repairs you feel are necessary.