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Wastewater Lift Stations

Lift stations are necessary for pumping wastewater over raised topography to another lift station or directly to one of the wastewater treatment plants.

There are three main types of lift stations:  building-type stations house the equipment and controls inside an enclosed structure; "can" stations appear as a buried vertical pipe with a convex lid; and submersible stations have only controls and electrical boxes visible.

Two Fayetteville lift stations are used as dual-purpose stations. Under normal conditions, these stations use gravity to send wastewater to the West Side Wastewater Treatment Plant. If necessary, wastewater can be pumped to the Paul R. Noland Wastewater Treatment Plant through the existing infrastructure.

Pumps at the Hamestring lift station are shown below. Hamestring supplies the West Side Wastewater Treatment Plant with the majority of its influent flow.









For questions concerning lift stations, contact Maintenance Supervisor Brian Daniels at (479) 200-1432.              For all other questions, contact Project Manager Duyen Tran at (479) 443-3292.